Carrying on the tradition
of master craftsmen

Baumann's Brass Workshop in southern Germany has become well-known to both professional and amateur brass instrumentalists. Peter Baumann and his family business continue the long tradition of master craftsmen, inspired by a passion for handcraftsmanship and the profession of instrument making. This respect for the profession inspires him to continue the tradition of master craftsmen.

Precision is the key,
even to the smallest detail

These handmade instruments unite old traditions, modern knowledge, aesthetics and the highest demands of craftsmanship into a harmonic entity. Peter Baumann is recognized by orchestral musicians, solo artists and amateurs for his uncompromising and consistent demand for the highest standard of quality.

Among his customers is the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra; Baumann's Wagner tubas were constructed exactly according to classical traditions. Artists from Japan order custom made instruments from Baumann, in order to meet their highest demands.

Dokumentary films

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