Rotary Flugelhorns by Peter Baumann
Distinctively beautiful and uncompromising
in quality

The flugelhorns made by Peter Baumann are characterized by their incredibly instantaneous response.

Baumann has achieved this by utilizing extremely thin brass (thinnest raw material used being 0.35mm).The use of such thin material would be absolutely unthinkable for instruments that are produced by machine. In order to achieve the most homogeneous joining of materials, the bell sections are gently hammered on the anvil by hand and bent while filled with lead.

Two basic models are offered:

  • The Futura series is the perfect choice for concert band (wind ensemble), having a basic, straightforward design. These are constructed with the finest materials (gold brass) and are available in lacquer, silver-plating, or gold-plating.
  • The Master’s model features engraved valve caps and head screws, in a very light version with a nickel silver crest; it offers a very smooth tone and is available with silver-plating or gold-plating

A choice of two different mouthpipes is offered for all models. The new lubricating-channel valve system is standard on these instruments.

Both series offer the choice of the traditional air flow or the extremely low in resistance “LR-System”. (This choice is also offered for rotary trumpets.) As always, your special wishes and/or customization will be taken into consideration.

Price list/data sheet

Master Series 35 Futura light
Master Series 38 LR