Rotary valve trumpets from one source --
Peter Baumann

The secret is out. The reactions to the outstanding intonation, workmanship and response of the Baumann rotary trumpets just couldn’t be withheld by specialists in the brass world. From the streamlined, traditional model to the fully equipped orchestral instrument, these rotary trumpets are constructed with attention to the finest details. Simply put, these trumpets fulfil the musician’s demands.

The full advantage of having custom made bells is revealed in rotary trumpets by allowing for a great variety of choice. The combination of components – valve systems, mouthpipes and bells – result in approximately 40 different models, which can be further varied by finishing the surface in silver or gold.

The rotary valves are supplied by the Meinlschmidt Company, specialising exclusively in the production of rrotary valves since 1886. These exemplary valves are then worked flexibly and precisely in Baumann’s workshop, producing high quality valve sections. A master craftsman, Peter Baumann’s passion for quality guarantees the excellent production of these wonderful instruments, which come from one source – the Baumann workshop.

The Modular Design System
- An excellent system to assists your choice

Recently, a new system for choosing an instrument has been put into place at the Baumann brass workshop. The “modular design system” allows the musician to play and choose from the combinations of 10 different bells, diverse valve sections, various mouthpipes and a number of tuning slides. The musician thus has the possibility to try out the various combinations at the workshop, in order to find the ideal instrument that meets his or her personal style and needs. Having made the choice for the unfinished instrument, the musician’s final inspection is followed by the final construction stage, that of finishing the surface in gold or silver.

Price list/data sheet

konzerttrompete baukasten
Das Baukastensystem
Master Series Professional Series
air flow with LR-System
(extremely low resistance)
traditional air flow system