Piston-valve trumpets by Baumann
Instruments from the master

Peter Baumann acquired a well-grounded knowledge of constructing piston-valve trumpets during the late 1980’s. At that time, he worked at the Bel Canto Company in California, owned by the legendary jazz trumpet artist, Doc Severinsen.

This indispensable wealth of experience -- and dedication to his profession -- influenced Baumann’s decision to have a light and elegant design for his piston-valve trumpet line. These masterpieces function perfectly and achieve top ranking, alongside his rotary trumpets and flugelhorns. The gently curved structural shape ("in the old style") provides a true feast for the eyes.

As is the case with his rotary trumpets, Baumann’s own bell production offers great advantages for the piston-valve trumpets. Careful handcrafting provides a variety of the most diverse bell forms, from a nickel silver "light" bell (for a lighter, easy-to-blow trumpet) to a "heavy" bell (for big band, etc.).

Combining this choice with a large assortment of mouthpipes and valve sections, any trumpet player can certainly find the right combination to suit his or her needs.

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The new Sirius with MAW-System