Expertly made brass instruments for demanding players – based on traditional methods
Important: Appointments must be made beforehand (by email or telephone) for testing instruments.

Instruments from one source

Rotary valve trumpets

Due to their outstanding intonation, workmanship and response, the Baumann rotary trumpets are held in high regard by specialists in the brass world.

The full advantage of having custom made bells is revealed in rotary trumpets by allowing for a great variety of choice. The combination of components – valve systems, mouthpipes and bells – result in approximately 40 different models, which can be further varied by finishing the surface in silver or gold.

The rotary valves are supplied by the Meinlschmidt Company, specialising exclusively in the production of rotary valves since 1886. These exemplary valves are then worked flexibly and precisely in Baumann’s workshop, producing high quality valve sections.

A master craftsman, Peter Baumann’s passion for quality guarantees the excellent production of these wonderful instruments, which come from one source – the Baumann workshop.

The Modular Design System - an excellent system assists your choice

In the Baumann brass workshop one finds a “modular design system,” allowing musicians to play and choose from a countless number of various bells (form, weight, materials), diverse valve sections, various mouthpipes and a number of tuning slides. The musician thus has the possibility to try out the various combinations at the workshop, in order to find the ideal instrument that meets his or her personal style and needs. Having made the choice for the unfinished instrument, the musician’s final inspection is followed by the final construction stage, that of finishing the surface in gold or silver.

Appointments must be made beforehand (by email or telephone) for testing instruments.

Piston-valve trumpets

Peter Baumann acquired sound knowledge in building piston-valve trumpets in the late 1980s while working in California for the Bel Canto Company, owned by the legendary jazz trumpet artist, Doc Severinsen.

As is the case with his rotary trumpets, Baumann's own bell production offers great advantages for the piston-valve trumpets. A wide range of diligently handcrafted bells are available, from very light nickel silver bells (for concerts) to extremely heavy bells for the big band repertoire.

Adding to this selection of bells, a wide range of mouthpipes and valve sections ensure that musicians are certain to find instruments that ideally suit their desires and needs.

Rotary Flugelhorns

The flugelhorns made by Peter Baumann are characterized by their incredibly instantaneous response. Baumann has achieved this by utilizing extremely thin brass (thinnest raw material used being 0.35mm).The use of such thin material would be absolutely unthinkable for instruments that are produced by machine.

Of course, a wide range of models are available, even up to the point of heavy bells. Here is yet another situation in which the modular design system offers countless possibilities.

Varying models are offered:

The Futura series is the perfect choice for concert band (wind ensemble), having a basic, straightforward design. These are constructed with the finest materials (gold brass) and are available in lacquer, silver-plating, or gold-plating.

The Master’s model features engraved valve caps and head screws, in a very light version with a nickel silver crest; it offers a very smooth tone and is available with silver-plating or gold-plating.

A choice of several mouthpipes is offered for all models. A lubricating-channel valve system is standard on these instruments. Both series offer the choice of the traditional air flow or the extremely low in resistance “LR-System”. (This choice is also offered for rotary trumpets.) As always, your special wishes and/or customization will be taken into consideration.

Bass Trumpet in Bb

In a very harmonic way, these instruments unite ancient traditions with the most modern knowledge, meeting the highest aesthetic demands on handcraftsmanship and quality. Experts especially value these qualities, which are common in Peter Baumann’s instruments.

The form of the Baumann bass trumpet is very compact, but not top-heavy. An extremely light and trim construction gives it a superlative response. A further characteristic is the excellent intonation that these instruments have, which can only be achieved by careful hand-craftsmanship.

As was common 100 years ago, the corpus is bent by hand, after being filled with lead. Each hammered, one-piece bell is manufactured by Baumann. Adding a light and filigree rotary valve system further perfects the instrument.

The Bb Bass Trumpet is available in the following forms:

- silver-plated, gold-plated, or simply polished; delivered with a handy custom case.


Removable mouthpipe, trigger on the first valve, custom engraving available at any time.

Valve Trombones

Building upon his success with the bass trumpet, Peter Baumann has been able to revive an extremely authentic design for the valve trombone. It goes without saying that this valve trombone conforms to the proportional relationships of the German concert trombone. The light and filigree rotary valve system helps to bring out the typical tonal character of this instrument.

Excellent intonation and fine performance quality of the Baumann valve trombones offer enjoyment to every connoisseur, whether in Germany or far beyond its borders. This instrument is very flexible and fits beautifully into the music for “Weisenbläser”, as well as for a small instrumentation of “Danzlmusik”. Naturally, the Baumann valve trombones maintain a typical valve trombone sound, with a balanced construction that is not top-heavy.

It is not surprising that the extra-light model, available with 3 or 4 valves, nickel silver parts and a gold brass bell, has become so popular. Weighing only 1870 grams, it is presently the lightest version that one can buy.

The Bb valve trombones are available in the following models:

Delivery with a handy custom case.


Removable mouthpipe, trigger on the first valve, custom engraving available at any time.